Exit Bomb Workshops


Exit Bomb Workshops™ are a “Valuation Wake Up Call” for entrepreneurs.

Each workshop explores the key elements of the Exit Bomb and the techniques needed to defuse it. Exit Bomb Workshops drive home the critical steps entrepreneurs must take to clean up and optimize their companies in order to avoid wealth destruction.

In an Exit Bomb Workshop, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The five detonators that make up the Exit Bomb
  • How your strengths as an entrepreneur can become liabilities in an exit
  • The value destroyers present in almost every company
  • The worst of the Exit Killers and Disruptors
  • What needs to happen within your company to improve its value
  • How to defuse the Exit Bomb and avoid the destruction of hard-earned business wealth
  • How to exit on your terms and timelineTo book your Exit Bomb Workshop, contact us today.

mark_simmsThe Exit Bomb Workshop provided a very entertaining, pragmatic and in depth presentation on exit strategy surrounding the key pitfalls and deal killers or “explosions.” It wasn’t all warnings however, the workshop also revealed some powerful secrets to maximizing value and minimizing turbulence in a transaction. The workshop literally flew by with so much good content to chew upon that we will definitely have to calendar it back in the future.

Mark Simms, Learning Chair
Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)-Seattle
President/CEO, Fikes Products