Inspired by the acclaimed book Exit Bomb®, the Exit Bomb Organization offers the entrepreneur a variety of exit maximization programs, trained advisors and access to a deep network of potential buyers. All to help you clean up, enhance value and subsequently exit your company on your own terms and timeline … and for maximum value.

Whether you want to exit your business right away, ten years from now or never, we can help.


What the Heck is the Exit Bomb®?

Almost every business has a bomb. Yours probably does, too. This bomb is attached to that door marked “EXIT.” Open the door … when you try to exit your company, for instance … and BOOM!

Your hard-earned wealth gets blown to bits. And so do your retirement plans.

The Exit Bomb is the reason seventy year-olds are selling suits at Brooks Brothers instead of sitting on a beach with an umbrella drink in their hand.

Not only does the Exit Bomb keep 80% of companies from selling, it’s the main contributor to wrecked retirements and seller’s remorse.

There are 5 detonators that can set off the Exit Bomb.


Detonator #1.
Entrepreneur Factors

We entrepreneurs have unique strengths that make us … well … entrepreneurs. Problem is these strengths often turn into weaknesses when we sell the business.

These weaknesses, combined with the entrepreneur’s personality and psychological factors, help destroy the value of the business.


Detonator #2.
Business Internal Value Destroyers

There’s no “Entrepreneur U.” No school that teaches us how to be entrepreneurs. So we make it up as we go along. That usually works OK except that along the way, we build in all kinds of inefficiencies in the business. These inefficiencies can destroy the value of your business and you won’t know it until it comes time to exit.

That’s why we call them “Business Internal Value Destroyers.” You can call them Detonator #2.


Detonator #3.
Market External Value Impactors

Are you ready for the biggest business sell-off in history? It’s coming. And so are a lot of other external factors that can severely cripple your business – and its valuation at exit time. We call these factors “Market External Value Impactors.” Here are some of the triggers that could lead to detonation.


Detonator #4. 
Buyer Exit Killers, Disruptors and Reducers

You’ll probably sell a business once in your lifetime. The typical buyer is in the market for businesses often. Who do you think will come out ahead at sale time? Here are some of the things that can be called “Buyer Exit Killers, Disruptors and Reducers.” Or, more simply, Detonator #4.


Detonator #5.
Post-Exit Shockers

You’re sitting on a beach having a drink with an umbrella in it. You’ve earned it.

You went through all the pain and misery of selling your business. But now it’s sold and you can relax. Then your phone rings and it’s the buyer telling you the purchase price has been reduced by a million bucks. That check that was in the mail? It isn’t.

That’s just one of what we call the “Post-Exit Shockers.” They’re Detonator #5.